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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is Google Moving Beyond Keyword Search? Yes, They Are!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
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Since formation, Google has changed their search interface significantly. If I look through Google Glass, it would not be incorrect to say that the future search is going to be more engaging, highly contextual, and extremely conversational.   

Yes, you've guessed it right. The 10-blue links as part of Google search results may possibly undergo a gradual change in the coming years. Larry Pageduring the annual Google I/O, officially confirmed that they are working on search beyond keywords.

Google seems to be experimenting lots of change in search result page. Today, one can’t just find search results containing ‘links of websites’ but finds a variety of combinations such as ‘knowledge graph’, ‘Google +, ‘author of a post’, ‘videos’, ‘rich snippets,’ etc. Its crystal clear that Google has a vision to improve their search engine for 1:1 communication. The voice search is a beautiful addition that users can directly communicate to Google, although its just the beginning.

Its no wonder to see when Google search could be activated via voice only with simple magical words “OK Google” after which a user would ask his/her question, and Google will answer back to his/her query. The search engine has already embarked on their journey to reach out their "visionary land".  

 In your android phone, enable the ‘voice search’ on Google, and ask any question such as: 

“How old is Dr. Manmohan Singh?” “Google will answer ‘Dr. Manmohan Singh is 80 years old’. 

You may try even on your desktop by typing such queries in case you don’t want to use ‘Voice’. 

Truly said, "the search engine’s beauty is what hides behind that simple interface: incredibly complex mathematics.”

Google displays semantically a well-organized knowledge based search result for a good volume of search queries that deserve a full post. Hence, I've decided to share a few variety of Google search results which many of you must have been noticing these days. And, if you know any other, please share with us. 

Type 1 Search Result

It’s no wonder to see a result like this (as seen below) for local search query on –‘Video games Bangalore’, “Video Games Hyderabad”, and so on.   

Type 2 Search Result

When a user wants to know about the weather of a particular city, or town, or state, Google shows search result as shown below.

If you search ‘Weather California’ “Weather Hyderabad’, ‘Weather Delhi’, ‘Rain Bangalore’, etc. you’d be glad to see Google’s response to these queries as shown above. 

Type 3 Search Result

Don’t have calculator? Use Google for this. See below the result.

Type 4 Search Result 

Want to know about famous place, personality, artist, and popular thing, type their names on Google and see how the search engine responds to your query. For example, “Lady Gaga”, see below the search result.  

Type 5 Search Result

Ask a question to Google such as ‘Who invented Google?’, ‘Who invented fountain pen?’, ‘Who invented airplane?’ you’d see the following search result. 

Type 6 Search Result
You can also use Google to ask ‘how tall is Obama’, “how tall was Mahatma Gandhi’, Pran Died’
Google will respond to such queries as shown below. 

Type 7 Search Result

Want to know the journey hours from your city to another location you want to travel. Use Google, and get to know. See below. 

Summary: There are lots of queries on which Google currently attempts to answer with their beautiful Knowledge Graph summary and other elements. 

There are ‘people’, I have heard, who hate to hear the word ‘semantic’ even if they see and note all these changes time and again. They are the ones who do not want Google to go beyond 10 blue links for their own ‘vested interest of thriving SEO business.  

What has never happened in the last 17 years is happening now. ‘Google’ is now within our  pockets. Google’s mobile search uses voice recognition apps, natural-language technology (OWL) and voice synthesis to create an interface that’s spoken as well as visual. Now, you can use the search engine to see not only the 10 blue links but also to seek a satisfactory answer to your query.   

It should not intrigue us when we’d see a frequent “such change’ by Google in coming days. The results would be a mix of personalized search, semantic search (Knowledge Graph as shown above”), ‘voice and communicative search’, etc.

The search engine knows the best where the future search is heading towards. All I can say at this point of time is that all these experiments, changes, initiatives, etc., that we are seeing, are indeed the need of the hour. Undoubtedly, Google is moving beyond keyword search, and is embracing the idea of ‘context based search’. As Google slowly rolls out new interface based on ‘context’, the 10 blue links will gradually take backseats, and the search engine will slowly introduce to us a variety of their own products (Google Map, Google Now, Calendar, G+, etc.) in search results to use, communicate, and search across different devices.


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