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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Facebook Popularity Among Law Firms and Attorneys

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Conservative Law Firms on Facebook
Statistics apart, Facebook is now a corporate necessity. Just like websites and web pages are now ubiquitous, so too are Facebook pages NOW. Both Facebook Page and web site are now perceived as a 1:1 digital combination that meets the needs of customers, while bringing in extensive digital coverage for a company.

Undoubtedly, Facebook fan of a brand increases their willingness to recommend the brand’s service to a friend. We are seeing a participatory nature of legal firms, attorneys, and lawyers in social media. And the trend is already set as high as the limit.    

Although attorneys in their 50s-60s still tend to err on the traditional side yet a paradigm shift from traditional media to digital media (Search +Social) is taking place. A recent survey conducted by Greentarget finds out that, while the more traditional marketing channels for law firm/attorneys credentialing continue to dominate … in-house attorneys now are using new media platforms to deepen their professional networks; to obtain their legal, business, and industry news and information; and to enrich their social and personal lives. 

Indeed, social media has created new avenues and opportunities for attorneys to flourish as thought leaders and entrepreneurs. While many in the legal field proceed with trepidation, the unprecedented reach of social networks, Facebook and twitter in particular, has been a career game-changer for many attorneys. Do Google for your reference that shares an insight how law firms and attorneys are using Facebook (Social Media) to promote their brands and services and thereby connecting to their customers. In gist, a well crafted Facebook strategy helps you tap the leaking opportunity, indeed, a viable business opportunity! 

Although the ‘social return’ takes little longer time but the value it creates is amazing. Once the rhythm is set for a Facebook song, customers in chorus will sing for you! 

There are many varied ways to promote a lawyer’s website across Facebook. However, it’s good to start promoting a customized Facebook page among ‘satisfied clients’ asking them a favor to ‘LIKE’ (become a part of our virtual network) Facebook page so that clients stay connected virtually. Over a period, the virtual relationship will grow stronger that would get culminated into ‘social customer engagement’. No media other than Facebook can give a platform for establishing a social and an emotional connection with our customers all 24x7.

Why not trying something which is FREE and make use of FREEWARE social media Like Facebook to build and manage customer relationship!  


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