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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

vSEO –A Beginning of New Era in Search Marketing

Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Google Voice Search
Until now, SEO has been a study of keywords research aligning with Google algorithm and its guidelines but things will be different very soon. Yes, Google will be launching 'Voice Search' on  This will set in a new era for users as well as for SEO professionals. Users without typing keywords will just speak to Google and get the desired results while SEO will get another tool to research ‘voice’ of searchers to top SERP.  

Now this feature is available only for limited desktop users but this is already there on handsets built on popular platform, such as Android, Blackberry and iOS. Google's latest web browser release, Chrome 11, features HTML voice input.

This would be a different experience for users to see how Google accurately listens to its users. The success of voice search depends on how Google lives up to the expectation of voice users. However, Google has been a ‘darling’ search engine for billions of users and many businesses depend on it globally especially online marketing companies and SEO agencies. 

With the launch of ‘voice’ feature on, the scope of SEO and its workflow will make a paradigm shift from keywords based research to voice-based research or at least a good synergy will exist between the two. Google is already experimenting this in its Chrome browser as a plug in but it clearly signals a soon launch of this plugin in its core search –

The evolving concept of Long Tail Keywords (LTKs) will get materialized with the launch of voice feature on Certainly, ‘voice keywords’ or ‘voicewords” (I call it) will be long tail in most cases as users speak directly to Google without typing. 

We need to see how Google keeps track of  ‘voicewords’ in its database to offer as a tool to search popular voice. It will be a delightful experience to search voice and understanding users’ not only through keywords but through real time voice data.

It will be further interesting to see:  
  • How Google capitalizes its feature for organic users and AdWords customers
  • How Google will display SERP based on two search parameters – keywords vs voicewords
  • How Google’s algorithm fits in for both voice and keyword search results
  • How Google will delight speakers vs typists (Users type)
  • How SEO firms will look into this as an extension of SEO services
 I leave these questions to time to answer but what I clearly see is a beginning of new era to enrich search experience and a new avenue for search marketing professionals!   


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