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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Social Engine Optimization – Practical Tips

Thursday, August 05, 2010
In my previous post, I have talked about the new abbreviation of SEO. To extend this discussion further, I’ll share some practical tips on how you can actually optimize search results on social sites. Let’s take Facebook for example here. Why Facebook? Because:
  • Facebook has 500million users, Facebook Blog
  • Growth of search queries from 395 million in Jan 2010 to 621 million queries in June 2010, ComScore
  • Users time spent is higher on Facebook than on search engine, Nielson reports
The basic rule is same as you do with Google, Yahoo and Bing but the difference lies in strategies. The Facebook optimization strategy to be so deployed that might be integrated with search engine as well to display results.

Facebook On-Page Optimization
  • Create a Vanity URL (if possible add keywords in case you create a group
  • Write description in ‘About’ and Info. box and insert a few keywords if they make sense otherwise avoid.
  • Make use of FBML page and customize accordingly
  • Add Blog applications and put RSS feed for content syndication (Refer Blog Network Apps)
  • Create Facebook Question and description and try to get ‘more like’. The more people like, the more likely you will get result on face book search query and even on search engine like Bing
  • Always try to optimize results on Bing 1st Page and if possible create a story on Wikipedia (Following Wikipedia Guidelines)
  • Incorporate Facebook Open Graph protocol into your website and add a Like button to your webpage.
  • To make sure, your website must get indexed. In order to learn Facebook index technique, please refer Jesper Astrom’s article on ‘How to Get Indexed and Rank in Facebook Search’.
Facebook Off-Page Optimization
In short, attract links by integrating external apps like YouTube, Blogs, and send across your networks to ‘Like’. The more you get ‘Like’, the more authority it will build.
So, think and innovate multiple ways to optimize your site/groups across social search sites with just a focus on facebook optimization as well. I have already written how you can optimize listing on social bookmarking a few year back, just check this link on Digg Algorithm in case you are interested.
Best of luck!
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