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Monday, August 23, 2010

Google Webmaster – Now Verify Site Ownership with Google Analytics

Monday, August 23, 2010
A few months back, Google introduced to us a new asynchronous Analytics JavaScript and since then it has been encouraging webmasters to use the new asynchronous code for enhanced analytics reporting. Last week, Google released a very user friendly site map verification process via Google Analytics. As Google says “The time you save using these new verification features might not be enough to let you take up a new hobby, but we hope it makes the verification process a little bit more pleasant”.

With this new code, you do not need to upload HTML file nor a meta tag verification nor DNS record rather you can just click an option of Google Analytics set up and verify the ownership.

If you are using the old tracking urchin of GA, please migrate this as Google encourages webmasters to use asynchronous Analytics JavaScript to benefit from easy site ownership verification. If you are using old tracking GA code, you can’t use this option.

Why migrating from the old GA tracking code to asynchronous Analytics JavaScript? The first benefit is the latest addition of Site Verification Ownership in Google Webmaster and second benefit is a speed web page loading factor. Yes. Google introduced this code to make a less burden on server of a website for fast access and better reporting. For other benefits, refer the article here.

It’s unfortunate that I have not seen much encouraging implementation of this code from many webmasters across the globe (I saw few top websites still using old Google Analytics Tracking code).

Guys, its time to migrate to the new asynchronous code from the old tracking GA for easy and new reporting features. The migration from old tracking code to new code is easy. Read here migration guidelines Google released after it introduced to us the new code.

So, try and test!!
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