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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Google and SBA – A Commercial Marriage

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Very recently Google partnered with Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide tips to local businesses on how to get succeeded in online by using available free online tools. Well, this is good news for many local businesses but this is half truth. The other half is fishy!!

The continuous decline in Google search share and burgeoning popularity of Bing and social sites, especially Facebook are already giving a tough fight to the giant search engine to clearly predict a ‘breakdown’ of monopolistic empire built in the era of Web 1.0. 

The commercial marriage between Google and SBA is not solely intended to educate local businesses but to seek ‘prospects’ to put their budget at risk in a program like AdWords which is a minting machine for Google to make money. Who knows better than the ‘Master of Archive’ search when it comes to market audiences! Google has data. Does data tell lie? 

Its true that there are free online marketing tools available if effectively used brings in tons of traffic and customers but are they sufficient? I believe ‘no’ they are not and even Google believes the same. That’s why, Google in partnership with SBA plays a guerrilla tactics to promote AdWords. Yes, the single motive is to earn as much money as possible because this contextual advt will no longer be a safe haven neither for Google nor for advertisers for a long. See here how Google shows 4 sponsored links just above the organic search results. As one of my friends who is SEO expert Mr. Senthil truly commented ‘I think in future, we have to find organic results on Google Paginations”. J

I’m not sure who is maximizing from the so called ‘Free Marketing Tools’ campaign –Google, SBA or both or local businesses. Whoever will be, but all roads lead to Mount View!

Let me cite my nursery rhyme - Jack & Jill.. went up the hill to fetch a pail of water…..Jack fell down.. and broke his crown….

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