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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Google Algorithm Changed –SEO in Jeopardy for Smaller Business!

Saturday, August 21, 2010
Officially, Google announced yesterday a change in algorithm that will make users find a large number of pages from a single site. This, of course, is not a good news for many small business websites that depend on Google SERP mostly for traffic and lead generation. Many users have reacted in a negative manner saying that this is not a justice done to users because users don’t like to find 6-7 slots on a single page repeatedly. I too agree with this counter argument and smell a rat as what might have been cooked after the association of Google with SBA.

No doubt, the change in algorithm will bring in more pressure on SEO firms/agencies to ensure regain in ranking of small websites that they are almost pushed down to 2nd and 3rd SERP. This is of course not an encouraging move by Google for smaller business. Recently, the ‘giant search’ in association with SBA has had all the helping hands for smaller businesses and suggesting them to use Free Marketing Tools to promote their online business and after this, Google has taken a different turn by changing its algorithm more biased towards big brands while encouraging smaller businesses to opt for paid services like AdWords.

In my previous post, I have already analyzed that Google will soon count CTR as one of the ranking measurements for organic listings after it introduced the same feature in Google Webmaster. Now my analysis is proved that Google wants this to happen!

On one side, Matt Cutts says SEO will exist in another five year while addressing a question posed by user and on the other hand, Google changes its algorithm more biased towards big brands. Mr. Matt, you should understand, big brands do not need SEO services. There are many big sites that don’t comply Google guidelines yet you will show their results with full coverage on first page. Are you compatible with what Google does and what you say? If so, what about smaller business? Do you want them to pay for adwords? Well, your this move verifies the intent if you really want smaller business to grow online!

SEO guys, a tough time ahead for you, especially when you are involved in small business sites optimization.
Best of luck!
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