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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Career Risk of SEO, SEM & Online Marketing –My Honest Analysis

Thursday, September 11, 2008
While skimming through the Times of India yesterday, I had had glance at the article of contextual adv and its future prospects in India. This has inspired me to analyze the career prospects of SEO and SEM. I mathematically perceive SEO as a subset of SEM which is further a subset of e-marketing. To cut lengthy argument in short, I say any skill set within subset of circle is not good. Let me explain.
SEO_SEM_Career When there is scope to make a move around the full circle of e-marketing, why sticking to SEO or SEM? Of course, the narrower subset of your career you choose, the broader risk you carry and vice versa. The consistent struggle to make a move beyond the subsets definitely finds a scope to survive.

It’s true that job opportunities for SEO service particularly in India, Philippines, Malaysia and other developing countries abound these days. This is because many offshore SEO agencies in developed countries particularly in the US and UK outsource the service to these countries for cost advantage. Google Insight may further help you know the volume of search for keyword –SEO- a very high volume search in India. And this is due to aforementioned reason.

While searching on Google, -SEO Career, you’ll have a list of websites that covers this topic before and many of them have agreed that SEO would soon be a in-house job or at least people on web business would learn DIY basic SEO. I’ve liked the opinion of Zednetasia Career expert published on - Bright SEO Career Prospects Could Dim”.

I don’t discourage anyone seeking full fledge SEO career. Instead, I suggest all to broaden the career spectrum and move on to the next level.

SEO profession down the years may not be lucrative nor may plenty of job floats but one thing that I ensure is the continual recognition of online digital media as a powerful place for marketing. So, career prospect for online marketing (DIY SEO, Search Engine Advertising, Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Live Chat Support, Webinar Promotions, etc.) and looks bright and rewarding too.

It’s true that online advertising in India is still at nascent stage while in other European and Western countries, it has already taken a deep root. The share of India’s online advertising in world pie is almost negligible. Some of the leading companies from this sector are HDFC, Citibank, SBI, and UTI etc. FMCG goods have just started to come in led by companies like Hindustan Lever, Procter and Gamble etc. FMCG accounted about 20% of total online advertisement spending in India. Consumer durables companies are also coming and accounted 15% of total online advertisement. Share of media sector is about 10% and rest comes from other. In India, most popular form of online advertising is banner advertising.

In fast bourgeoning economies like India and China; where Internet users are growing very rapidly, online marketing has a huge potential. India’s leading advertisers are starting to advertise online, but at a very slow pace. Indian companies are also showing keen interest in promoting their products or services online. Currently finance sector is most dominating in online advertising and accounted about 40% of total online advertising in India. According to reports from the Internet and Mobile Association of India, spend in online advertising stood at Rs 42 crore in 2003-04. Last fiscal, this figure shot up to Rs 107 crore and went up to Rs 162 crore at the close of the current fiscal, and to Rs 218 crore by the end of FY 2006-07.

Most Indian advertisers use the popular form of contextual advertising used by search engines to display ads on their search results pages or publisher network websites based on what word the users has searched for or the publishing website content.

Going by the above trends, I may sum up:

1. Don’t Restrict Your Knowledge Within SEO Subset
2. Consistently make effort to move on to next level of online marketing and reach the low risk zone

Good luck to SEO guys! :)



  1. Thats better to speech about the SEO's and SEM. But today really SEO's are more important to get work done.There are quite literally more jobs than there are skilled marketers and salaries can skyrocket to almost embarrassing levels.”
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  2. Good hoot! Thanks for the good read, I will definitely return for an update!

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