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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Google Talk Translating Your Chat in Any Language -Effective Tool for Marketer

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Google_Talk_Logo Wonder! Google talk now translates your chat in any language. Well next time you don’t know French or Chinese, you can still talk with your Chinese or French friends in their own language. In fact, you can now chat with anyone across the globe in any language.

This Christmas, Google has announced just that for its Google talk IM service: bots (bot is short for robot, a program that mimics real conversation or serves some task in a chat channel) which will translate whatever you say into another language.

If you want to try it, just add as a friend in Google Talk and send it a message to translate from English to Chinese. It’s a bot that will translate whatever you say from English to Chinese.

For more languages, just add any of the 29 other translation bots. They're named using two-letter language abbreviations as "[from language]2[to language]", and the supported language pairs are: ar2en, bg2en, de2en, de2fr, el2en, en2ar, en2de, en2el, en2es, en2fr, en2it, en2ja, en2ko, en2nl, en2ru, en2zh, es2en, fi2en, fr2de, fr2en, hi2en, hr2en, it2en, ja2en, ko2en, nl2en, ru2en, uk2en, ur2en, zh2en. So, for French to German translation, talk to

This chat will be helpful for business verticals across the globe for easy communication with their multilingual clients. This is definitely going to be a future means of communication among all business segments to communicate with their clients. Marketers must leverage this tool for effective communication to sell their products/services in a country where they are facing language problem.

Much kudos to Google! I really salute you.


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