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Thursday, October 18, 2007

SEX –Maximum Search in Delhi, India: Google Trends

Thursday, October 18, 2007
google_trends_official_logo Internet users in Egypt, India and Morocco are the world's most frequent searchers for Web sites using the keyword "sex" on Google search engines, according to statistics provided by Google Trends. You can find the evidence just by logging on to Google trends and analyze the trends of various popular keywords.

Egypt tops the list followed by India (second position) and Morocco. Delhi tops if we look at the trends of using keyword like 'sex' followed by Chennai and then Cairo in Egypt. Maximum searches for keyword like 'sexual intercourse' comes from Pakistan (top) followed by India with Delhi still top in worldwide cities followed by Chennai.

google_trends_graphSurprisingly, India tops for keyword like 'teenage sex', 'sexual relationship', with Delhi being number in cities of the world followed by Chennai. And, then coming Philippines followed by New Zealand. For keyword like 'marriage sex', Pakistan is number one followed by Philippines and India while Delhi tops in worldwide cities. Similarly, for keyword like ‘pornography’, India's position stands 3rd while Delhi still tops in world wide cities.

egypt followed by India in popular keyword search of sex

If we trust the reliability of Google trends, the data shows an alarming situation in India, particularly in Delhi and Chennai.

One can further do analysis using Google Trend before summing up with good or bad conclusion about the growing passion for sex in India.

Thoughts Aside

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  1. Lol, it's obvious that most people are searching for what is interesting them the most. Sex, for example.

    Now that's an obssesion, hence the transformation of most social-networking websites in dating sites. See Hi5 as an example.

    Well, at least they say make love, not war... For the moment :D


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