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Monday, August 27, 2007

Create Online Interactive Charts With Best4c

Monday, August 27, 2007
Best4c is yet other chart design application that has come into being with distinctions. The site offers a variety of options for many of your chart-creation needs.

It provides easy tools for creating flow charts, network charts, home and office lay out designs. As a basic tool, Best4c offers wonderful tools to create amazing and impressive charts online.

Of course, the site has advantages over Zoho Notebook with easy layout, and other basic functions such as resizing are intuitive. The site has automated features for creating trees, instead of all manual connections that need to be drawn.

The only limitation, as of now, the site has, is that there are no networking options, as it operates more like a desktop application than a collaborative tool, though charts can be shared. This also means you’ll need to go to the “Open file” tool in order to access your previous charts, or use the URL provided upon saving a chart in order to access individual charts later.

Create interactive charts to impress your presentations online.


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