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Monday, July 09, 2007

Yahoo! 360°to be Down – Mosh to be Looked at by Yahoo for Moksha

Monday, July 09, 2007
There is abuzz all around that Yahoo is soon going to launch Mosh publicly, a social networking site although the company has not acknowledged the existence of such product. This appears yet another initiative taken by Yahoo to target the niche market of youngsters. As of now, mosh can be accessed from inside the yahoo offices, you can too access using guest wifi at Yahoo, TechCrunch reports.
The launch of Mosh would replace Yahoo! 360°, which is already on the verge of death. Yahoo executives admit the fact that Yahoo 360 has failed to achieve expected levels of popularity. At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, California, held in April 2007, Jeff Weiner, executive vice president of Yahoo's network division, said Yahoo needs to attain a stronger position in social networking, PC World reports.
However, the existence of Mosh further makes us speculate about the ongoing deal between Yahoo, and Bebo, a social networking site, which has strong following in the UK, and is ranked as the eighth most popular Web site with 1.27 percent of all visits, one spot below MySpace, which ranked seventh with 1.34 percent, according to Hitwise. Further, Yahoo has already approached Facebook to settle the deal but the deal was never closed.

Some Amazing Facts

1. Yahoo shows Wikipedia’s results for any query you search. Reason: Partnership with Wikipedia for content provider

2. Wikipedia stats report that majority of users come to Wikipedia from Yahoo than from Google. Reason: Google is afraid of Wikipedia’s growth as an alternative to search engines. So, it doesn’t show Wikipedia’s results many times like Yahoo.

3. There's already a Wikipedia search engine called Qwika. The interface is not so impressive as the results are.

4. Even though Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines join hands together, they can’t compete with the current search engine market share of Google (56.3% as of May 2007) as per Nielsen/NetRatings.


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