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Monday, July 16, 2007

Use Virtual Characters Into Online Marketing with SitePal Without Learning Animation

Monday, July 16, 2007
If you are into online marketing, and tired of doing podcating, and webcasting, SitePal offers you a unique opportunity to increase the visitors, and leads. SitePal allows you to design speaking animated characters that can be added to your website to enrich users’ experience.

You don’t need to learn animation. You can easily create visually animated characters, and record the voice. You’ll love to use the animated characters the way you want without any knowledge of animation.

This seems to be great marketing tool for online marketing specialist who can use animated characters to pull traffic and qualified leads.

At time when Nieslon/NetRatings has already dropped ‘Page Views’ as a measurement of web analytics, and time factor (duration of a visitor’s on web page) is taken into account, I think SitePal’s virtual people will successfully pull more traffic. So, why don’t you merit the benefit from this web 2.0 animated character offered by SitePal?

Click for the Trial version of SitePal or view the demo.


  1. Hi Munaz,

    This is Vanessa from SitePal. Thanks for mentioning our product! You might want to check out our client showcase at and also check out our home page for some case studies that documents the positive business results of SitePal.

    For fun, you also might be interested in trying our new SitePal Virtual Translator demo. Type anything you want, and an animated character will translate it for you and speak it in another language of your choice!

    For more demos you can go here:

    Thanks and be well.


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