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Friday, July 06, 2007

Social Network Marketing –Web 2.0 World of ItLinkz

Friday, July 06, 2007
Connecting People’ is Nokia’s slogan. Now guess what’s the slogan of itLinkz? Its slogan is – Link Up’. ItLinkz is a subsidiary of Medical Technology & Innovations, Lancaster, Pa. The site is believed to provide a common platform to all people of common interests where they can share, and exchange ideas.
ItLinkz has already taken initiative to launch a wide variety of social networking Web sites, each targeting a specific profession, hobby, or special interest category. itLinkz is also planning to launch 500 demographically-focused sites, each featuring the name “Linkup” as a common identity, in the coming years.

Each of the planned 500 itLinkz Linkup sites will help professionals and enthusiasts meet and network with like-minded peers, while giving marketers unprecedented opportunity to reach highly desirable, and niche market with their online advertisements. Also, all Linkup sites will feature user-generated content, and will be supported by specialists in each targeted area.

ItLinkz seems to be taking the power of Web 2.0 to benefit professionals, enthusiasts, and advertisers all over the world. Altogether itLinkz has registered an astounding 3,000 Web site names all with our ‘Linkup’ name in them.”
ItLinkz’s innovative Linkup platform may exceed the services available on many other social networks, because it integrates virtually all crucial Web 2.0 technologies—including community building, interactive networking, content generation, blogging, tagging, photo and video sharing, chats, instant messaging, and more—into individual sites that attract people of a specific interest or profession.
ItLinkz is the first social networking service giving individuals the ability to interact and network around a common interest, while providing advertisers access to the precise demographics they want to reach.ItLinkz is going to provide us a platform to connect network of our similar interest. If 3000 targeted websites get implemented, it would really create a realistic cyber world not the virtual world.

No doubt, Web 2.0 has empowered ItLinkz to provide a platform by launching the first social networking service to give professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts the tools they need to build dynamic, interactive communities, while giving marketers a highly-targeted demographic audience.


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