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Friday, July 13, 2007

“If You Can’t Compete, Spam Them” –Negative SEO

Friday, July 13, 2007
The recent truth unfolded by Matt Cutts, a senior software engineer for Google, in Forbes article about negative SEO has created a huge round of discussion among online marketers/SEO communities. Matt says negative SEO is extremely difficult but not impossible.

So, what is negative SEO? Many of you must think of Black Hat. No, not at all! Negative SEO is performed for reputation management, tweaking online content so that it floats to the top of Google or Yahoo! results, thereby pushing a competitor’s ranking down.

There are mainly seven ways to perform negative SEO.

(1) Google Bowling
(2) Tattling
(3) Google Insulation
(4) Copyright Takedown Notices
(5) Copied Content
(6) Denial of Service
(7) Click Fraud

(Please, read Negative SEO in order to understand the above terminologies.)

Matt quips, negative SEO comprises more nefarious means, convincing Google or Yahoo!'s search algorithms to bury a competitor's site deep within search results, where its traffic practically evaporates. He further says “piling links onto a competitor's site to reduce its search rank isn't impossible, but it's extremely difficult”.

‘Pilling links’ means creating spam links for your competitor’s website. In SEO language, this technique of setting up a competitor to be punished for link spamming is sometimes called "Google bowling." If a new site gains half a million links over the course of a weekend, Google suspects, and punishes the site. So you can make someone look naughty, and then get them penalized.

In one line, the mantra of negative SEO is- “If you can’t compete, spam them.”


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