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Friday, June 01, 2007

SEO in the Web 2.0 Era

Friday, June 01, 2007
Earlier I have written on personalized Google search, and this is the time to address a question – does Google Personalized Search represent the end of traditional SEO? Here is the opinion of Will Fleiss, who has written the White paper on ‘SEO in the Web 2.0 Era: The Evolution of Search Engine Optimization’.
Below is his excerpt:

Without a common SERP for each keyword query, what will be the point of optimizing for specific keywords? Personalized Search rightfully sends a shiver down any SEO’s spine; however, the truth is there is no immediate danger that websites will not require optimization in order to obtain search engine visibility.

The frequent use of Content Management Systems (CMS) that are not search engine friendly will require traditional “on-page” optimization for many years to come. In order to achieve initial rankings on the search engines, a website must be indexed, which requires optimization of HTML, creation and submission of sitemaps, internal anchor linking, and all sorts of other little things that increase a website’s chances of being crawled.

Google Personalized Search will further the importance of quality content; however traditional SEO will remain necessary until search engines change the way they index websites. Personalized Search does represent a step in the development of a search algorithm that can effectively take into account click through rate [CTR] when determining rankings.

Logically, listings that are clicked on more are more relevant to the keyword search query. Search engines typically use a webpage’s Meta title and description to display the page’s ranking.

When this CTR development is realized, the traditional SEO tasks of writing good webpage titles, descriptions, and URL directory structures will become even more important for the purpose of communicating the contents of a webpage. Receiving a click will not only mean more traffic, but also a higher CTR, this will increase a site ranking.

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PS: Thanks to Fleiss for giving me permission to publish the excerpt of his whitepaper on the role of SEO in web 2.0 era.



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