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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SEF Open Source CMS –Joomla/Mambo –A Relief for Many Publishing Company

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Joomla/Mambo is perhaps the best open source CMS. The one reason why I like this open source CMS is that the best SEO services are offered by Joomla/Mambo. What is more irritating with many CMS software is that you can’t edit Meta tags of each and individual page at the time of publishing nor you can make search engine friendly (SEF) URLs.

When I talk of SEF Urls, it means the url of content page should look like: Live site example:

This URL is SEF. If you visit the website –, and click on any link, you’ll find SEF URLs for each and every page. It is obvious that the site has used Mambo for its CMS.

The great feature of Joomla or Mambo is that it helps users define their Meta tags right at the time of page edit. Also, OpenSEF, 404 Advanced and few more commercial/open source components makes URLs search engine friendly, as mentioned above.

These open source CMS are definitely a relief for many publishing companies to develop information architecture in compliance with search engines.

You can visit Joomla, and take a glimpse to analyze its great features.
Note: I’ll discuss step by step instructions to write SEF URLs using open source CMS Joomla in my next posting. So, keep reading!
By: Munaz


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