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Friday, June 15, 2007

Search Engine Friendly URL in Joomla –Step by Step Instructions

Friday, June 15, 2007
How to write search engine friendly URLs using CMS of joomla? Please, read below step by step instructions to write the SEF URLs in joomla.

To make URLs in joomla search engine friendly, do the followings:

1. You need apache servers. Please, make sure your server has mod_rewrite enabled, which must allow .htaccess override. If you have both of these, then you can turn on the search engine friendly URLs feature in mambo or joomla by going to admin > global configuration > SEO. You will need to rephrase the htaccess.txt provided with installation to .htaccess

2. Once it is done, your content URLs will look like and component URLs will look like…tact/Itemid,3/

3. OpenSEF, 404 Advanced and few more commercial/open source components make URLs look like

These types of URLs are much friendly to search engines than the default joomla URLs.

However, these URLs don’t have any keyphrases per se so there still more to do. Best option is to use open source components from OpenSEF or 404 SEF to rewrite the URLs so that it has content title in the URL.

With openSEF URL rewriting component installed, your urls will look much nicer like category_name/content_title.html.

Search engines like such URLs and you get full length of benefit of keywords in your content titles. You can see the eamples of such SEF URLs at which uses Open SEF component. Please, see below the screenshot of the above site with its SEF URLs.

The CMS of Blogger has its inbuilt feature to produce title based URLS of articles but lacks the feature to write meta tags at the time of page edit. In this way, Joomla has its advantage over blogger CMS.


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