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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Analyze and Build Robot Friendly Meta Tags Without Mistake

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
If you are not an expert to write meta tags, you quite often rely on SEO firms to do the job for you. But I’m going to share you a useful tool which may help even an armature create meta tags matching with the professional standards. See below the screenshot to understand the concept of meta tags.

Meta Tag Analyzer, though still New, can now analyze META Tags on Web pages written in virtually any language. Though there are various meta tag analyzer tools available online then why settling for the above hyperlinked Meta Tag Analyzer? It’s because of followings:

General HTML Analysis
Checks the server for a valid robots.txt file to make sure robots have access to the document being processed. Also checks to make sure this file exists
Basic HTML Syntax Checking
Duplicate Tag Detection
Syntax Checking
Oversize Checking
Multiple Title Tag Detection
META Tag Analysis
Syntax Checking
Oversize Checking
META Tag Spam Detection
Multiple META Tag Detection

Free META Tag Help Analyzer


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