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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Planned acquisition of Panoramio by Google

Thursday, May 31, 2007
Panoramio, a website based in Spain linking millions of photographs with the exact geo-location where they were taken, is to be acquired by Google. The deal is already done, says the official Google blog.

According to Panoramio, this acquisition is a great opportunity for Panoramio uploaders to leverage Google's reach, increasing the exposure of their photographs to photophiles around the world and for viewers to choose from a larger universe of photographs as Panoramio becomes more widely known.

Arizona in USA

Every photo is linked with the place where it was taken both physically and in your memory. Panoramio helps to link photos and places.

You can store up to 2 Gb, approximately 2000 photos with 4 Mega Pixels camera. Your photos are stored at your personal area (e.g. Eduardo's photos) in their original size and quality.

Users can search and browse Panoramio photos and suggest edits to the metadata associated with the photos. Panoramio also offers an API that enables web developers to embed Panoramio functionality into their websites. You can use Panoramio's search engine to find easily any place.


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