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Friday, April 06, 2007

In a Blinkx of an Eye!

Friday, April 06, 2007
Have you come across a video search engine? Many of us have heard of YouTube, and BlipTV, and regularly log on these websites to find something interesting to watch out. Many times, we don’t get our desired video clippings. Even though we get, we have to wear patient because it takes time for streaming the video files.

But don’t worry, Blinkx has come to being especially to fulfill our desire to watch clear video without any interruption of streaming.

Blinkx is a video search engine, which contains over 7 million hours of video on any topic of your interest.

This video search engine truly qualifies to be called as Web 2.0 video search engine because it provides spaces for users to upload podcasting and videos through RSS verification, so as to avoid copyright issues.

Blinkx also offers users a very downloadable tool, called Blinx pico, which is nothing but a smallest search engine in the world. Pico understands automatically and finds relevant results from the web, news, TV and, in the full version, your own PC. Download your Pico here.

Why don’t you try, and watch out your favorite show online?


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