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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Google to Conquer Death by 2045?

Wednesday, October 09, 2013
As we reach towards the age of 40s, the concern of aging frightens us. We all feel “aging pain” every morning, as we look ourselves in the mirror, and  try to do everything to look younger. The pain of being old, and fear of death look very scary to all of us. Believe me, Google's Larry Page at age 40 is no more exception to this, but he is exception because he has an exceptional 'vision' to conquer death. Sounds impossible, right? 

Call it his moon shoot mission or motivation, or fear, he has ventured into making our life immortal. If you be the part of his 2045 mission, you can join As of today, 30776 people have already joined in. :)

If Larry succeeds in his mission, it would pose a big challenge to our sacrosanct institution, and our religious belief on the existence of god and goddess.        
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In his belief system, Larry thinks Calico may savor humanity from facing aging problem, and even conquer over death.  Biologically, none can stop the biological cycle of human being. While his previous ventures such as ‘self-driving car’, ‘giant balloons into near space’ ‘Google glasses’ – all look prominent, Calico appears to be a mission impossible journey that Google has embarked on. I also believe Calico may possibly invite dangers, and possibly pose a serious threat to our belief system (Religion -Our sacrosanct institution).  

As long as Larry thinks ‘technology’ further improves the ‘quality of life’ and his venture can help a lot, one should not have any objection. It’s indeed a blessing for all of us. However, rarely do I think Larry has ‘just that’ mission.

The immortalist project like Avatar  zeros in on accelerating the “creation of technologies” that may enable a gradual transition from human biological bodies to an advanced artificial carrier of the human self. Here is a video to watch out to understand the ‘vision’ of Avatar project “Global Future 2045”. 

As of now, Larry is promoting his vision as a “radical life extension” but his mission appears to be conquering over the death, which is humanly, technologically, and scientifically impossible.

Moonshot thinking deserves all applause, but expecting the moon to support over 6 billion population like the earth does, is a day dream. It is the dysfunctional of the brain that produces this kind of moonshot thinking. Yes, technology can create a wonder but can’t create a real miracle. 

Nature creates us, and nature decays us. This is a simple fundamental belief we do have since time immemorial. Every time, the science and technology have tried to challenge the nature but ended in a complete fiasco. 

Cryonics, cryotheraphy, cloning, nanotechnology, brain chips, etc. are some of the wonderful technological breakthrough we have attained through the years. Yes, they do improve our quality life too. However, there should be a 'ceasefire' between 'scientific-technological growth' and 'natural progression/digression' of human beings.  

Search, the holy grail of Google, can semantically solve ‘puzzle’,  and may answer to a user’s complex search queries, but can never solve  the ‘natural mystery of demise’. Could Larry and his Co., with his new venture, say confidently and accurately that ‘afterlife’ feels more real than real”? 

Wish, Calico help me extend my life for another 100 year to get an answer!
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