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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Google Should Acquire Pinterest! My Message to Googleplex

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Google should acquire Pinterest!
Build a better mousetrap, and Google will beat a path to your door. A virtual truth! Had Ralph Waldo been alive, he would have quoted so! After many acquisitions, I believe pinterest is the one that Google should acquire for many reasons.

The popularity of inforgraphics is surging with a growing users’ base. ComScore reports that the site has seen a 900% increase in unique visitors with 17.8% million unique views in February 2012 in a short time since its inception in September 2009. Further, Pinterest is only third to Facebook and Tumblr, as per a story published in Mashable, where users spend an average 98 minutes per month.  

Huffingtonpost reports that nearly a third of all Pinterest users have annual salaries of $100,000 or more, almost 70 percent are female and the largest age demographic represented on the site are people between 25 and 34. What more could an advertiser want?

High profile people and brands such as Barack Obama, Oprah, STA Travel, Windstar Cruises, and many others have joined the site purposely. 

Users’ growing love for Pinterest is due to several reasons including visual infographics that interact users and mesmerize them. The old rule of lengthy text content and optimization technique as per Google guidelines is taking a back seat. Digital users spend less time in reading content of a website/portal. They simply scan. The F-shaped pattern of Jakob Neilson confirms that users don’t read text thoroughly. They scan the information.   

Recently, I have observed that users likes' and 'share' of infographics are significantly increasing. Also, noticing plenty of requests from my internal clients come to me asking for my thoughts on using Pinterest to market their products. I do believe that Pinterest has potential to reshape retail and e-commerce strategies. My research is going on as how best we can use this site for e-commerce companies. 

Recently, Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram hogged the headlines. Of course, Facebook had reasons to buy Instagram because it did not want another trouble to challenge their territory.  Also, Google has a history of acquiring many such companies. Recently, Google acquired Digg @ $15 million and scooped up Digg founder Kevin Rose. I don’t understand why Danny Sullivan posted in his blog that Digg was affected by Google Panda. I believe @Danny, you have got the answer why digg got affected.:)

One of the strong reasons as why I believe Google should buy Pinterest is mainly because of its easy social applications. Google has android but its struggling in social arena in mobile. Pinterest has already won the hearts of desktop users and I believe it has an ability cater to mobile users. 

In gist, I would advise Google that it’s better to be managed by a wise employee of any organization than by a foolish manager of its own company!  In a small enterprise, such quote has relevance but Google is neither small nor its management is a foolish entity. Hope, G stakeholders are listening to this piece of FREE advice. :)         


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