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Monday, December 26, 2011

Google 2012 –Predictions from Marketing Perspectives

Monday, December 26, 2011
Google 2012!

Do you want to know what what might change in Google 2012? Although, a few might not come true yet I see these predictions something worth to have them for our knowledge. Please, see below the top 20 Google Predictions 2012 I have made!

  1. Deploy more human editors than automated algorithm to perform quality audit.
  2. Google tops brands on search results and gives more AdWords options to branded companies compared to smaller brands.
  3. Throws fresh results (15-20% search queries)! The archive rule gets relaxed to freshness although a bit.
  4. The area of rich snippets shall be expanded and description holds less significance while title continues to hold importance in Meta data.
  5. Usability and social engagement of the website continue to be preferred.
  6. Google might display sites quite often on search results which are G+ integrated than Facebook. Facebook from Google might get thumbs down on search results. Google might introduce +tag similar like (#) twitter hash tag.
  7. Wikipedia's result might get down for many generic queries. Brand/scholarly written posts come up above the Wikipedia.
  8. Google might come up with rigorous spam policy to remove objectionable content than continuing following the same guidelines. A major change in user-generated content guidelines can be expected.
  9. Google will continue to consider CTR more seriously as an important factor while displaying organic search results of a website.
  10. Google might look at returning visitors in analytics to determine its preference. If a site has more returning visitors with less bounce rate, Google might give preference to such site over others. 
  11. Google prefers a website that is mobile-optimized. If a website works fine in both desktop and mobile, Google might prefer such sites. Browser compatibility might be a key area to focus.  
  12. Google will use https data to study business intelligence than sharing the actual data publicly for SEO. It is easy to assume that Google will continue to expand these changes, further limiting the data available to marketers unless they're willing to pay!
  13. Google might prefer an ecommerce site that has high conversion rate (successful transaction) compared to a site with high abandonment rate (shopping cart - drop rate). Furthermore, Google continues to give preference to an e-commerce site that gets high users' merchant reviews.  
  14. The next update Google might come up with is to clean 'blog'. Google might prefer reputed blog, authors, etc, on blog search.
  15. Load speed continues to enjoy the same privilege in 2012.
  16. Google will continue to grow and capture search market share and cautiously manage its monopoly to avoid any legal quagmire.
  17. Advanced GA segmentations and social integration KPIs shall be available for partners, and premium users.  
  18. Real time analytics would be more interactive with dynamic API Google might offer.
  19. Google might close Orkut and advises users for migration to G+.
  20. Last but not least, your competition of optimizing a website might be against Google because If you're a marketer working on making sure your site is visible in an area where Google is competitive, remember that you may have tough time and need to do more than an organic search or paid advertising in order to be successful. Google has created a system where people must pay in order to compete against it. Its unfortunate but TRUE! 
I also expect that by the end of 2012, the beginning of new semantic search era and a robust intelligence search system would possibly gain momentum! And yes, the world will not end, may be the end of golden era of the monopolistic search regime!!  


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