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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post Google Panda Remedial Measures –Work in Progress!

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Work in Progress!
The recent disaster that hit Japan leaving thousands of people dead and millions to suffer from injuries, destitute and helplessness has flabbergasted the world. In virtual world, with Google’s panda updates, thousands of websites and their businesses have been severely hit. Of course, those who are grinning are definitely the ones who have got extravaganza while many others have suffered from major setback with the catastrophic changes in Google’s algorithm. What is boom for one has become a bane for other. Nevertheless, it is suggested that it’s high time for ‘panda-stricken sites’ to be ready for rehabilitation to recover the loss instead of getting fury over Google. Let ethical SEO experts like ‘relief cops’ do their duty to restore the damage.

My simple advice to both panda-stricken businesses (victims) and SEO agencies (relief cops) is to work in tandem with each other to restore the damage done. My Suggestions: 

Dear Victims – Instead of yelling and cursing over the catastrophic panda’s updates, you better show your strength to ‘revamp’ your web infrastructure for search engine algorithm resilience. This is possible only when you follow the best practices of Google’s guidelines. Rebuild your product (website) to create ‘WOW’. Many of us believe that ‘Content is King’ but fail to understand ‘Concept is Emperor’. Hire ‘creative workforce’ to revamp the old websites with innovative concept to fill up with unique content in a presentable way so that users who visit website smell the aroma of content for ‘yummy’ to have it regularly. The creative team -Analyst, SEO, Designer, Developer and Writer - should work in tandem with each other to contribute to the rehabilitated web-project. Its not that Google will take lot of time (3-6 months) to rank your revamped website, as per many SEO firms. Once you are sure to have a great site with rich content, you can also take a leap forward to drop in your request to Google for reconsideration.

Dear SEO Agencies –Have a helping hand to ‘panda-stricken sites’ to restore their business. It is high time for you to restore the image of SEO profession. Google has provided yet another chance to study what it ‘likes’ and what not. Buzz off the traditional view or outlook and analyze what could help them restore their sites ranking instead of fooling, for such a business can’t afford loss after loss. Help them build sites and suggests developers and designers to build a site resilient to next such change in Google algorithm. Dedicated effort to research, update and experiment helps you come with rock solid SEO suggestions rather than serving the same piece of meal (suggestions) to all. Bring in customize SEO recommendations to fit in the requirement rather than offering ‘all-size fit for’ solutions.

In summary, let’s work progressively to restore websites that have been damaged by Google’s panda. Let’s use our prudence to recover the lost pride!     


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