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Thursday, March 10, 2011

AOL to Lay Off Bangaloreans, Google to Blame!

Thursday, March 10, 2011
AOL to Lay off Bangaloreans
A massive lay off of Bangalore workforce at AOL is almost confirmed, as many media sources published the news. The latest layoffs may most likely to happen for employees in the content side of AOL India. The reason for the massive ‘cut’ is being ascribed to the recent deal of Time Warner’s unit to buy Huffington Post for the sum of $315 million USD. This is a fact but hides ‘essential truth’ –the truth is that AOL has become a victim of Google’s recent change in algorithm that poses a challenge to content farms apart from other varied reasons.

This is certainly not good news for many professionals working in AOL in Bangalore. I checked with some of my friends working in operations and content departments, and I too found that they seemed to be getting jitters. They have rigorously started hunting for jobs. Their worries of job insecurity reflect on their faces and talks. If you search jobs in naukri or other major job portals in India, you’ll find a few listings of opportunities in AOL.

At time when the companies like AOL, Demand Media, and Yahoo Networks etc. pass through a difficult phase of managing employees, Google and Facebook have taken major leaps in creating multiple opportunities in India. CNN reports that Google is about to go on a hiring binge. Last quarter, Google posted 26% sales growth while AOL suffered sharp declines in advertising sales and dial-up subscriptions in the fourth quarter of 2010, driving overall revenue down 26%, confirms.

To me, it looks as if Google alone is responsible for bringing in havoc to many companies including AOL. Hope, Huffington Post will salvage AOL from further fall.   


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