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Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Googlepology for Content Spamology!

Sunday, January 30, 2011
The recent confirmation about changes in Google algorithm may possibly hit many content factories and firms that manipulated SERP for a whopping profit. Thank God, Matt Cutts acted very fast to the criticism made by Jeff Atwood and the team at Stack Overflow.  

To my knowledge, many SEO firms, Content Syndication sites, and company like Demand Media will suffer. Now, the fate, especially for a company like Demand Media, depends on how it changes its content strategies. Whatever may be the future strategies, but this is really a bad news for the company (DM) that is set to have gone public this year.

There are tons of companies and content firms who spammed G-SERP with inflated key phrases. The traditional SEO firms and the so-called SEO professionals adulterate the content for they knew their time-tested tricks to rank on Google. With this action, these firms will definitely get hit to the hardest..

My heartiest congratulation to @mattcutts for cracking down the scandalous business that survived through years under the sleeves of Google. To me, it appears that the giant search engine is in no mood to excuse spammers this time. So, no Google Apology (Googlepology) for content spammers (Spamology).    


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