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Monday, January 31, 2011

Colonization, Globalization and Googlization

Monday, January 31, 2011
The British who colonized the large parts of the globe to explore natural resources to plug into their manufacturing sectors could not sustain for they were  VERY exploitative. Gradually, the economy takes a paradigm shift from colonization to globalization against all hue and cry for Socialism. 

Many of us think ‘globalization’ is the final ‘output’ produced by the world economic system for we all agreed upon but to me, it’s Googlization that encapsulates the whole digital ecosystem wherein our economy depends essentially for commerce/e-commerce.

Every morning when I turn on my laptop, I see the comforting white background and cheerful cartoon graphic imagery of Google instead.  The search engine guides me through the open web, the space that Bing or Yahoo does not yet control.  Just as clearly, my day starts with Google and I hope there are millions who are like me. 

Not shrouded in mystery, Google plays pivotal role not only in our information culture but also in our day to day business. It is a ubiquitous brand, used as a noun and a verb by users all across the world. Its initial public offering in 2004 generated $1.67 billion in cash. Its revenue has more than doubled to $3 billion per year since the offering. 

Unlike British colonization, the damage Google has done to the world economy is minimal and centers largely on the slippage of grammatical standards, copyright issues, etc. Thanks to Matt Cutts for taking initiative to run a ‘clean up’ campaign. It’s wonder how the giant search engine got big by keeping ads small for which Yahoo and Bing still struggle to compete despite the fact that Microsoft is doing everything  from soup to nuts.

In gist, I agree with Siva Vaidhyanathan, an associate professor of Media Studies and Law at the University of Virginia who said “Google carefully examined our marketing saturated nervous systems and offered illusions of objectivity, precision, comprehensiveness, and democracy.”

If I look at the digital world through commercial kaleidoscope, it appears to me that Googlization is driving our commercial and non-commercial lives direct or indirect way! 


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