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Friday, January 28, 2011

Challenges of Larry Page as a CEO

Friday, January 28, 2011
A product so created with a vision to survive through decade one or two needs a revamp to sustain its growth. In today’s fast changing technological world, Google appears to be falling and failing. The recent announcement at Googleplex confirms that Larry Page could soon take over as CEO. This lets the cat out of the bag as how the giant search engine needs a serious revamp to survive and sustain through YOY. 

Undoubtedly, Google has revolutionized the digital space and reined the world as a giant search engine. Thanks to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, their visionary product succeeded but it needs to be revamped to face off challenges from Zuckerberg. The loopholes in Google’s automated algorithm were maneuvered by company like Demand Media to thrive its business. Now, things look gloomy for a company like Demand Media to survive.

On receipt of tons of complaints, Google is simply acting to target the company like Demand Media as Content Farms or On-Page Spam. This would be a good move if seriously taken by Google after Matt Cutts’ action against link farms that was taken long back.

Today, Larry Page is faced with two-edged problems. One is ‘the pollution’ around Google (Black Hats & manipulation) and the other one is – ‘the challenge’ posed by social media and technological break-through. It would be interesting to see how Larry Page takes on these problems.
The evolving concept of Web 3.0, micro-formats, semantic index, OWL, data aggregations, users’ repository on social sites etc are a few major challenges to block the growth of Google. Nevertheless, Google’s profit is whopping up because users still have no best alternative channel to source information. Slowly, we are finding options, more semantic and useful. Before we turn completely on these channels, Larry Page, as a CEO, has to re-engineer his product to pull back users wandering towards other directions.   


  1. Munaj, one question... Since Schmidt decided on monetizing search and thus ad words, has made SEO's world over dream of Google instead of their GF/BF... do you think in todays world of FB and Twitter, "Page" would be able to create a product (and be able to monetize it as well), so that SEO's continue dreaming about Google...

    Thing is that web has proclivity of finding a genius every other day... Once Bill, Brin & Page, now Zuckerberg.... so even if Page and Brin or any one comes in... Web and tech per se has another genius in offing which would come in and make there product idea life partners of SEO in reality and dream both..

    So Page or Brin by the nature of web would not be able to recreate that magic...

    the time is over...


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