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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jerry Young Crying, Larry Page Fearing and Bill Gates Smiling!

Sunday, September 12, 2010
The continuous decline in Yahoo due to lack of successful innovation in search and social media to survive through digital space is a strong signal that the company’s fate is going to be similar like AOL. Google, though an apple of eye for all, is struggling to survive with its R&D team to innovate trendy products like Buzz, RealTime Search and the latest one is Google Instant. The only slow and steady winner that appears to be obvious is Bing. Its tie up with Facebook and refined search algorithm are making users turn back to Bing, perhaps a good news for Bill Gates, bingo!!

Yahoo stock continues to slump. The stock is 18% in 2010 and is 7% above its 52-week low, CNN Money reports. One of the strong reasons behind the plummet is continuous decline in the popularity of Yahoo Portal. The chart compiled by Citi analyst Mark Mahaney published on Business Insider SAI, illustrates the picture very clearly. Check out the graph here – ‘Time Spent on Yahoo Sites Declining’

Despite regular innovations and experimentations, the giant search is losing its search share as a study recently published confirms that people spend more time on Facebook than on Google to search information. It appears that Google is surrounded with many challenges such as anti-privacy policy (Google is running its own sponsored search), pain of shutting down Google Wave, criticism and controversies around the latest addition Google Instant, the burgeoning popularity of Facebook, rumor of ‘human hands’ behind Google search, growing dissatisfaction of Google SERP and there are a few more to add to a list. There is mounting pressure on Google to innovate alternative search. DoubleClick co-founder Kevin O'Connor says consumers want smarter search engines that show relevant results. In an effort to save the falling empire, Google, it seems, is struggling now to catch up with the Jonses. In my opinion, Google’s only savor messiah would be to come up with Search Engine 2.0 to meet the users’ expectation rather than experimenting new areas that are falling flat one by other. 

Now, Bill Gates’ biggest concern to establish Bing as one of the best alternative to Google is almost soothing down. Bing continues to gain search share and it has reasons to shine.  There are many reports around this including ComScore and Liveside reports. According to Hitwise, in June 2010 Bing has experienced triple digit growth in three main categories: Automotive (197%), Shopping (199%), Travel (196%) and 94% in Health since June 2009, when Bing officially launched, Search Engine Land published the report. Yet another report says that Bing users more likely to click on advt compared to Google and Yahoo.

Whether Bing will be a new addition in Oxford Dictionary as a verb synonym for ‘Search’ like Google now, it depends on how successful Bing establishes its leadership by replacing Google in near future.

Best of luck!!            


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