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Thursday, August 19, 2010

If Web is Dead, Google Gets Cremated!

Thursday, August 19, 2010
Web 2.0 verifies the maturation of the internet economy today. Currently, we are in adolescent phase and soon enter into a full fledge matured age of web 3.0 era. The key concept of web 2.0 is networking applications. The archive pages (website) get least surfed by users on internet. Web is almost taking last breath. Is web dead now? Yes, says Chris Anderson.

As web 2.0 is reaching its maturity, the whole lot of social apps is being developed for virtual communication. It’s not just people are using more and more social apps but because these social apps are becoming smart enough to capture more and more users’ data. That’s’ why iPhone and Android have competitive edge over others. They have more apps than others. Similarly, Facebook has more social apps compared to Google 2.0 add ons.

Today, the biggest source of revenue for Google is AdWords, and for many top news or portal’s revenue comes from banner/CPM advertisements. But CPMs are declining. Many publishers of such websites rush in hiring SEOs/SMOs to promote websites to showcase high traffic for CPM advertisements without understanding and investigating the reasons. They should understand- engagement is what matters. Inventory is irrelevant.

A big chunk of companies follow Google for good SERP, but they don’t understand that tons of traffic generated by Google ensures no ‘final sale’. And optimizing on targeted keywords and ranking ensure no higher click as well. There are innovative ways to drive traffic and create viral buzz via social networking marketing and online multi-channels. As I always reiterate Google is not an answer to millions of search queries.

If the maturation of the internet economy brings in different trends and web is going dead, Google has to innovate fast really very fast to save its empire from falling down. Otherwise, the epitaph of Google will surely be built and web 3.0 generation will be reading the history of the fallen ‘Search Giant’.

In short, if we believe in Anderson’s quote that web is dead or web is getting dead, soon we have to say a Goodbye to Google. I’m not sure if the web is going to be full dead or half dead but what I’m sure is that Google might see its own epitaph if it does not keep up or surpass the Joneses like Zuckerberg.

Additional Reference
Wired uses the graph to illustrate Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff's claim that the world wide web is "dead." Check here!


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