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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dell, Hell & Heaven– My Social Kaleidoscope

Sunday, August 01, 2010
Recently, I attended social media seminar at Taj Hotel, Hyderabad and got exposed to ‘Dell Hell’ story. If you have not heard, please read the story here.

After I attended the seminar, I had been consistently thinking to write something interesting to take the story further and finally got settled to write on - whether Dell learnt a lesson from its negative publicity on social media initiated by irate customer Jeff Jarvis? I believe ‘YES’ but it seems many other companies still NOT. publishes a story that Dell is one of the smartest big brands among top 10 that has embraced social media in marketing mix. Thus, Dell Hell story was awakening point that made the company somewhere believe in heavy investment in social media. The company went beyond and created a dedicated community apart from using a network of blogs, Twitter and Facebook. The use of Twitter by Dell has become a case study.

Dell successfully turned, over a period of time, the negative publicity on social media, into revenue generating platform. The company officially acknowledged bookings over $ 3 million revenue got generated via Twitter. It might sound like a small percentage for a company like Dell but it generated $16bn revenue annually. Now, I can safely say Dell has turned Hell into Heaven using Social Media.

Many mid-sized and smaller companies are still exploring the best practices of using social media. Some of them have crossed ‘Break Even’ while many more just use them for branding purpose. I always reiterate that social media is not just all about ROI but it may be possible.

I believe Patience, Practice, and Participation (PPP) are the key ingredients before a company invests in social media marketing. If you are not patient, invest in other places like AdWords, Banner Advt, email campaigns, white papers syndications and white label distribution service. If you are patient, invest in social media and wait until your strategy becomes a purple cow just like Dell’s Twitter case study.

Believe me, I’m an online marketer and never tell lie. Is Seth Godin listening to me?

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