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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life of SEO - My Thoughts

Saturday, May 22, 2010
searchenginegene image seo funny
  1. When he gets up, he is hurried to see rank on Google
  2. When he visits social sites, he finds ways to get back links
  3. When he talks, he repeats words (rather I call keywords) several times
  4. When he says ' no follow', he means 'don't follow
  5. When he thinks of PR, he means (Page Rank)
  6. When he dines, he feeds RSS
  7. When he anchors, he thinks of anchor text
  8. When he goes for shopping, he thinks of Meta tags rather price tags
  9. When he sees picture, he gives 'alt tags'
  10. When he sees web on wall, he thinks of 'Spider'
  11. When he goes onsite, he always thinks of mapping a site (site map)
  12. When he stays at hotel/guest house, he prefers to stay at room number 301 (hating 302 strongly)
  13. When he contacts someone, he requests for a ' link exchange'.
  14. When he wears hat, it’s either a black or white hat
  15. When he drives in traffic, he thinks of driving traffic
  16. When he sleeps, he dreams of Google rather than his girl friend
Yes, SEO professional lives in virtual world more than living in physical world.
What you guys say?

Enjoy weekend
Munaz Anjum
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