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Friday, November 28, 2008

Device Platform– A New Add on Feature in Google AdWords

Friday, November 28, 2008
At time when iphone and mobile are the popular means of surfing and browsing internet, Google seems to be catching with this trend by offering ‘Device Platform’ option for desktop & laptop and for iphone or mobile in AdWords. One of the AdWords account holders, as reported by a search engine watch forums, has got such option. Below is the screenshot for the same.

device_platform_adwordsI have inquired with some of my colleagues if they have got such option of ‘Device Platform’ in their AdWords account; I have got mixed replies. However, I personally don’t see this option in my clients’ account yet many others do. This means that Google team is making this option available for a few, as of now, depending on their business models. Currently, this appears to be in BETA but soon we’ll have this option to gain more control over our advt.

A sweet gift for advertisers by Google on Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. google always offer new features as time goes by...this SE is the best...

  2. I will take a look now. great info


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