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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome –Why SEO Is More Important Now Than Ever Before?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

1. Why has SEO become more important now than ever with Chrome?

2. Why should you emphasize now on making website Chrome Compatibility and do Google Optimization?

3. Why pseudo SEO knowledge does not help companies manipulate rankings now?

4. Why marketers need to pay attentions to Chrome or ignore at their peril?

5. Why appropriate content wins while scarp will be thrown out of Google index?

Search engine optimization has become a critical need especially when Google Chrome is now launched. Yes, this browser suggests the top websites based on organic web ranking, CTR, unique and daily visits, etc. However, if your SEO efforts aren’t up to mark or fail to win the top slot on Organic Results Page in Google, the giant search engine will surely ignore you in the testing of their browser, too.

If Chrome attains huge success in the coming years, Google will test against your site - if you rank. SEO companies or online marketers need to pay heed to, or ignore at their peril.

If users think your site is worth to remember, Google Chrome will do it for them. No… you don’t need to bookmark, the next time you open the browser chrome will suggest what you have visited last time. Furthermore, if your site ranks for keywords on organic page, Chrome will suggest it in the browser itself. There is no need to use Google suggest.

Just have a look at the Chrome comic pics.

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

Google Chrome suggests that if you make your content remarkable, they’ll market it for free to their users directly in the OmniBox. However, time will only tell how this new browser does but marketers should start paying attention to this right now.

Google chrome, as a tool, will surely give huge statistics of human behaviors on website. Every move you make on the browser will be noted by Google. This also implies that analytics becomes more important than ever it was. Who knows, Google analytics might introduce a component of ‘chrome compatibility’ of your website. I analyze following points:

- How much time you spend on a web page

- What you click on or what not

- What parts of the page you read, browse or exit

- What you buy

Beyond doubt, millions of users must have installed this browser by now. With this, box checked and search will become semantic. Search compatible website with appropriate content will continue to find place in check box. Artificially or black hat SEO will soon droop its ranking while ethical SEO of website with good content will gain in rankings based on Chrome’s statistics.

It’s time for SEO or online marketers to pay attention to Chrome Now!


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