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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Useful YouTube Tools You Must Know

Thursday, February 14, 2008
youtube_logo/YouTube is the most popular video site and everyone knows it. But do you know the a few best applications of YouTube? Let me share with you. - is has basically interactive interface with a downloadable option. You can save any video to your PC or desktop. It has many downloadable options in various formats including AVI (Windows), 3GP (Mobile), MP4 (iPod), etc.

OrbitDownloader - It’s a powerful tool to speed the download of any video you desire. You need to install this on your system which is spy free. Even you can speed the music or video download from any website.

Videoembed - This one is really a killer application tool. When you add on this tool it will let you watch the video on the page it’s linked from. So, without visiting the websites like YouTube, myspace, etc., you can still watch the video you desire for.

VideoFocus – Ads always irritate. This site has brought online video to watch without distractions. Simply visit this site and you’ll get to know the whole lot of meritorious features.


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