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Friday, February 15, 2008

Interesting Things About Google Maps

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sharing below some of the interesting things about Google Map in case you don’t know!

UFOs: Do you want to see here UFO? Have you ever seen? Want to add if you have seen UFO anywhere on the Earth? Visit the site and see. You can also access the program from Google Earth for worldwide coverage on UFO sightings.

Zip Code: Visit the site to find zip code of courtiers across the world.
You can find out with this easy-to-use mapping tool. You’ll see where your area lies and what zip codes surround it.

Find a Job in Map : Want to find a job in your area? Log on this site. Enter the field you’re interested in as well the location and you’ll get a list of job openings in your area.

Wedding Map: Create and personalize your wedding map with this tool. You can use Wedding Mapper tool to create and to find wedding resources in your area.

Make Your Own Map: This tool will help you create interactive maps of your own to use and share with your peers.

Word Wide Time Checking: You can check the world wide time with this mapping tool. Visit the site and have mouse over the map or enter a location to find out the time of any city in the world.

Track Terrorism: On the visit of this site, you’ll see the icons on the locations around the world which shows some inhuman incidents like bomb threats, suicide bombings, and even pirate activity, have taken place.

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