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Monday, February 11, 2008

12 Websites That You Must Bookmark

Monday, February 11, 2008
I’m sharing with you the top 12 websites that you must bookmark for your own use. Each website has unique feature.

Nanoscan – This is comprehensive online virus scanner

SpokenText – You can convert PDF, Waord, plain text, PowerPoint files, RSS news feeds, emails and web pages to speech

WakerUpper – You may schedule wake-up phone calls with whole lots of useful features

WebMarkers – You may add additional option to your ‘Print’ menu that lets you print documents (or web pages) directly to the web.

WhatShouldIReadNext – This is a book recommendation service. Just enter the author and title of your favorite book and you’ll get a list of recommended materials.

Keybr – For online keyboard to practice and your typing skills

PDFHammer – You can merge, edit and rearrange PDF documents online

DocSyncer – You can synchronize office documents in your ‘My Documents’ folder with Google Docs account.

DisplayWars – This is incredibly tool that helps lots of users. Wish to make purchase of a new screen? The website lets you compare screen sizes by mapping one display size on top of the other. For smaller items, you can visit SizeEasy.

beFunky – This is awesome web application that turns images to cartoonized paintings and videos to cartoons. Just try!

Definr – This is the fastest online dictionary. It takes near about 14 ms to lookup a word.

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