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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Human-Crafted Search Results -Google Leaving Its Automated Algorithm

Thursday, December 20, 2007
Google_official_logo Google seems to be dropping off its automated algorithms to give a way for human-crafted search results. Over a period, Google has always come up to make their bot smart in retaliation against spammers. Now, it appears as though giant search engine has started testing out human-crafted search results just like wikia search.

Do users like pages that rank well because they are stuffed full of nonsensical keywords? No. Enter a filter for that. Do they like fresh news content getting to the top of the results for search queries that spike in reaction to a news event? Yes -- and enter a change for that. This is how Google seems to be manipulating the search results now-a-days. Thus, there is some hand editing that is happening.

Director of research at Google, Peter Norvig, sheds some lights on Google's accuracy of providing the best search results. He says "At the grossest level, we track what users are clicking on. If they click on the number-one result, and then they're done, that probably means they got what they wanted. If they're scrolling down, page after page, and reformulating the query, and then we know the results aren't what they wanted. Another way we do it is to randomly select specific queries and hire people to say how good our results are." Technology Review reports.

It means that Google will soon be coming with full semantic search algorithm manipulated by human editors on the basis of popularity and clicks.


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