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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

YouTube Adsense Now offered by Google for Content Publish Networks

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
YouTube_Google_Adsense Google has officially declared Adsense embedded YouTube videos. This has further increased an avenue for content publishers to earn additional revenue with YouTube advts on their websites, blogs, and boards.

Before using AdSense video units, website/blog owners must have an AdSense account and a YouTube account, both of which must be linked to work together. After that, users simply login to the AdSense account, select AdSense Setup then choose video units as the product. This process then leads into the YouTube website, where customization of the video unit can be completed.

Just like the existing customized YouTube players, you can select which channels to show or let Google target the videos based on your site’s content. The ads appear to run at the top of the YouTube player, keeping them in view but not annoyingly so.

Very soon you will find these videos playing all over the web/blogs, which is almost certain given that AdSense is one of the most widely used advertising programs on the web and YouTube is the undisputed king of the ring as far as video is concerned even incomparable to Google video.


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