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Friday, September 14, 2007

Google’s Changing Algorithms Hitting Online Sex Toy Retailers

Friday, September 14, 2007
online sex toy retailer Online sex toy retailers are getting a sharp decline of their business primarily due to Google’s changing algorithm. An article published on eBar reports that Good Vibrations, the long time women-friendly sex toy retailer, experienced 50% decline in online sales.

Many sex toy companies including Good Vibrations blame Google for changing its search engine algorithms. Further they say that the loss is compounded by competition from non-sex toy companies such as Amazon, Drugstore, etc. They are also getting into the business of sex toy selling.

The changing rule of online business in web 2.0 era followed by changing algorithm of Google’s search engines has no doubt cast a spell on such online business retailers., the Seattle, Washington-based women-owned sex toy store, posted a blog at the end of November 2006 noting that after Google's search changes happened it experienced "an instantaneous 30 percent drop in sales."

Seeing the popularity of social networking websites, many sex online retailers hope to implement web 2.0 marketing mix policies to promote their business and thereby boost their sales in near future.


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