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Monday, September 17, 2007

Class Via YouTube At Pitzer College

Monday, September 17, 2007
YouTube course at Pitzer college Seeing the popularity of YouTube, and addicted behavior of students towards YouTube, Alexandra Juhasz, a media studies professor, has concieved a plan to start a course on YouTube, USAToday reports .

The course is likely to cover all serious issues surrounding YouTube, such as the role of corporate-sponsored democratic media expression. The professor has chosen YouTube becasue he has seen students work mostly online in the class, watching YouTube content, posting comments, and own video clippings.

Expectedly, some value may come from a class like this, but it’s to be noted that members/juries control most of the class content, and even other users from outside the school may be encouraged to post the comment on the class as well. This is really a study in the US culture. Really, strange innovative educational things have happened only in the US.

In fact online education is getting hot these days and many working professionals as well as people in general are enroling for online degrees in majority. Mashable outlines below the key sites for modern, web-based learning, which are very useful.

Annenberg Media - A host of video lectures ranging from the art of the Wild West to abnormal psychology.

ArsDigita University - ArsDigita was originally a comp sci program from MIT. While it is now shut down, all the coursework was put online.
BBC Learning - Online courses from the British Broadcasting Corporation.BruinCast - UCLA course lectures.
Chinese University Lectures - Hundreds of lectures from fourteen well known Chinese universities.
iTunes U - Huge repository of course podcasts from well known universities.
MIT OpenCourseWare - Classes on anything from history to urban studies, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
MIT World - Tons of lectures from different speakers at MIT.
MITE AP Courses - Free Montrey Institute AP courses.
Open Learning Initiative - Learn engineering, reasoning, chemistry, and much more from Carnegie Mellon University.
Project Gutenberg - Thousands of free eBooks, including many course textbooks.
Sofia - Take CC-licensed courses from small colleges.
SWTC CourseCasts - Lectures on everything from debt to microbiology, from Southwest Wisconsin Technical College.
The Open University OpenLearn - Great Britain’s first open learning university offers free courses from health care to William Wilberforce.
UC Berkley Webcasts - Get audio and video netcasts from one of the best known universities in the country.
UChannel - Princeton-sponsored online lectures.
Utah State University OpenCourseWare - Learn everything from theatre production to cattle management from Utah State University.
W3Schools - Tons of free online web developer tutorials.
Western Kentucky University Distance Learning Podcasts & VODcasts - Read, listen to, and watch lectures from WKU.

Connexions - Hundreds of user submitted courses on everything from mathematics to humanities.
Google Video Educational Genre - Wide variety of user created videos uploaded to Google Video.
Internet Archive Open Educational Resources - A huge multitude of courses with categories ranging from .NET programming to Chinese literature.
Scholarpedia - Similar to Wikipedia, but with articles written by “experts” chosen by the community.
Wikibooks - Thousands of textbooks written in over 40 different languages.


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