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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Google Maps: Embeddable Feature & AdSense to be Launched Soon

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
It seems that there is embeddable Google Maps feature to be offered soon by Google in the coming week. This news is unveiled at Google Australia, sources at APC say.

With the help of embedding codes, placing an interactive Google Map on your personal website or blog will be as simple as adding any other widget to a site. The embedded maps will have all the functionality of Google Maps found elsewhere, providing a satellite view, regular map view, or hybrid view. Site visitors will be able to click and drag maps to see different areas as well from their personal website or blog.

Also, Google Maps may provide a route to display ads. Google’s latest feature for Google Maps, called Mapplets, will enable developers to build applications within Google Maps, and add advertisements right into them.

Mapplets may pull both the Google Gadgets API and Google Maps API. Publishers will be able to add images and text into them. We can even expect more interactivity and some interactive features on Google Maps in coming days.

Just like AdSense, when the visitor actually clicks on the link in the bubble, the publisher gets a share of the revenue. The technology is still in development stage and it’s not known when exactly it will go live. You can view Mapplets in action on a special Google Maps preview page. Paid results will appear in mapping search and are clearly differentiated with a blue background, different icon and "sponsored links" label -just like web search. However, the sponsored results do appear at the top of the list of map search results.
Google showed an example of Hertz located on a search for "car rental Melbourne", which included a Hertz special offer and logo appearing on the search result.


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