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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yahoo's Live Search Better Than Google for SEO

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Yahoo's LiveSearch appears to be throwing better search results than Google Suggest. Type any search query, and the site will suggest a few popular search phrases/keywords which may help SEO analyze the popularity of keywords without using any keyword tool.

Even Google Suggest offers the same service by displaying the related keywords once you type any search query. The algorithms of Google Suggest is written in such a way that predicts the queries users are most likely to want to see. Google Suggest uses data about the overall popularity of various search queries to help rank the refinements it offers.

As an SEO, Yahoo's LiveSearch is better than Google Suggest because:

Google Suggest only displays alternative spellings that begin with the letters you already typed, LiveSearch suggestions may also include queries where the word you just typed could be anywhere. For example, if you search 'web 2.0', LiveSearch suggests web 2.0 sites, my web 2.0, venture capital funding web 2.0, mobile web 2.0, announcing web 2.0 while all the keywords/phrases displayed by Google Suggest begins with the word web 2.0.

Another reason is that LiveSearch displays results without having you to leave the current view so the keyword suggestions are not lost even though you navigate away the search results.

I personally prefer LiveSearch to Google Suggest because the former has options like Bookmark it | Save it | Digg it while the interface of Google Suggest lacks these features.


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