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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nielson/NetRatings dropping ‘Page Views’ as a Measurement of Web Metrics

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Considering the fast changing behavior of users, and technological breakthrough, Nielson/NetRatings has decided to drop ‘Page Views’ as a measurement of site traffic, and site popularity.

Currently, page view is a measurement of site traffic. It reflects the overall performance of a site. In simple, page view may be defined as the number of times users view a page.

The decision to drop page view as a measurement of a site performance has come into being due to popularity of video hosting sites, such as Youtube, BlipTV, IFilm, and more.

What matters now is time spent on a site. Nielson already measures average time spent and average number of sessions per visitor for each site, it will soon start reporting total time spent and sessions for all visitors to give advertisers, investors and analysts a broader picture of what sites are most popular.
This is of course bad news for many websites, which record lesser time spending of users despite having a significant high page views. It’s also a bad news of Google search whose main task is to send visitors to websites displayed on its search results, and Yahoo! will have advantage for having great content. But of course the ranking of video sites – Google video, You Tube, etc is going to improve, which seems to a be a relief for Google, although to some extent.

From this approach of Nielson, the advertisers now care for time duration of a visitor on a site. A site recording a higher spending time of users will likely to have more requests from the advertisers than a site with higher page views.

Now, we have to see what action Google takes in the background of decision taken by Nielson/NetRatings to drop Page Views as a measurement of web metrics!


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