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Friday, April 27, 2007

Social Sites Reviews

Friday, April 27, 2007

1. ThisNext

Analysis & Reviews:

ThisNext is about discovering, recommending and spreading the word about products and services you love (shopcasting). This is a very good site especially for us because a user can post his/her recommendation directly to Myspace page from this site.

You can create your own badge, recommend to your friend, post the same in blogs, and other websites. I highly recommend this site to include in the master list.

I have done the beta testing for andersondirect using my personal gmail account, as a user to recommend 2007 Acoord Sedan. Please, check the url -

Below lies the screenshot for the customized badge.

Screenshot 1:

Note: We can post the customized badge directly to Myspace, and blogger without embedding the code.

2. Wink

Reviews: Wink is a relative newcomer, but its amazing search capabilities have earned it a strong following. In addition to the bookmarks users submit and store, Wink also scrapes tags from, Yahoo My Web and Flickr. Wink's unique PeopleRank feature lets users rate the quality of each search result hit with a simple five-star system.

My Rating: Good: Roughly the same storage features as, but a better search engine. The ability to manually sync with lets you use both in conjunction. We can consider this site for SMO strategy.

3. Bebo

Reviews: is a community site similar to Myspace. It was launched two years ago and this year became Irelands most popular site. Like similar sites anyone can join for free, create webpage, upload photos, write blogs or be creative. has more than 9 million users in the UK, and 31 million users world wide. The market share is 1.18%, as reported by

My Rating: Good

4. Friendster


Friendster is a veteran in the social-networking field, having started over a year ago. The strength of the site is its vibrantly eclectic collection of members—over 3 million of them. The market share is 0.34%.

My Rating: Good

Star: 3 out 5

5. Ziggs


Ziggs provides the most powerful and elegant online profile service available today for free. The Ziggs Profile™ for professionals has been enhanced with the ability to add new content that's important to you in your Ziggs listing, such as a product information/or blog. To help you keep your fingers on the pulse of search activity to your online profile, Ziggs sends you an email alert every time someone searches and finds your Ziggs Profile. Ziggs also provides personalized metrics that inform you how often your profile and other content is viewed online.

My Rating: Good especially to alert customers for various updates

6. PBWiki


PBwiki is a commercial wiki farm.According to Alexa, it has greater traffic and reach than competitors Wetpaint and Wikispaces, though less than Wikipedia.

My Rating: Excellent. This is a very nice site. We may try for personal webpage about the products/services

7. Autospies


AutoSpies, the popular automotive site, has just relaunched as a full-blown Digg clone. The new functionality was added after the acquisition of AutoCast Technology, a web-ranking service that allows users to review, post and rate stories. The setup is an unabashed copy of Digg: when users find a relevant story, they post it to AutoSpies and allow other users to rate and comment on it.

My Rating: Overall Good.

8. Wikia


Wikia offers free wiki hosting for your community. You can join a wiki on any topic that you're passionate about. If one doesn't exist - you can create it! Wikia gives users the ability to easily rate and review area business. You can create a page for your business; share a gripe about the school board; post a notice about a zoning waiver; build a database of important local government contact info; the possibilities are endless. Each town's section will be as good as the town's citizens wish it to be.

My Rating: Amazing & Excellent.

9. Techcrunch


TechCrunch is a blog about Web 2.0 products & companies. The website's Technorati rank is 9,[2] and is their 2nd most favorited blog.[3] As of March 15, 2007, it has over 300,000 web feed subscribers as measured by tracking company FeedBurner.

We can post the reviews of car models for different dealers in forum. It requires Log In Id and Password. One can freely sign up the account to participate in forum.

My Rating: Excellent. This is highly recommended site.


Reviews: is a free social networking website designed to link business professionals. The site claims to have over 450,000 members in 200 countries, with over 1000 external organizations hosting sub-networks on the site. Both paid and unpaid membership levels are offered. The site has received a large number of positive media mentions in publications including, Newsday, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, USA Today and others.

My Rating: Good.

11. Wikio

Reviews: Wikio is a bookmark search engine just like digg, and others with a distinction in offering the users to create personalize a page. Besides these, it has wonderful features including wikio live, add a blog, submit my blog, etc.

My Rating: Excellent. This is highly recommended.

By: Munaz Anjum


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