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Monday, March 26, 2007

Tips to Create Blog & Podacast for Amateur: Long Live Web 2.0!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Web 2.0 –what is it?

Stephen Abram said in his article published in the ‘Outlook’ that Web 2।0 is about the more human aspects of interactivity on the Web। He says, “It is about conversations, interpersonal networking, personalization and individualism”

The technology infrastructure of Web 2.0 characterizes the social phenomenon of users’ experience of the Web featuring open communication, decentralization of authority, democratization, and freedom to share and re-use Web content.

The emerging technologies, such as, AJAX, RSS, ocial networking software, and API programming (Google maps), wikis, Vblogs, comments functionality, poll creation, P2P communication, slide share, photo sharing (Flickr, Zooomr), streaming media, podcasting and MP3 files, social bookmarking, open source software (OPS), user driven ratings, are some of the finest example of web 2.0.

I’m really impressed with some of the sites, such as, scribd, My Yahoo, web 2.0 search engines, which have all gone a far ahead beyond appreciation. The popularity of these sites is mainly through word of mouth (WoM). In fact, WoM creates wonderful results to subscribe membership.

My intent is to discuss some of these web 2.0 technologies and to see how an amateur can integrate them into his/her daily practice.

Create Blogs in One Minute:

There was no concept of blog until 1997. The term ‘blog’ is a combination of two words –‘web’ and ‘log’. Now, it’s called blog. There were only a few hundred weblogs by 1999. It was almost impossible to track the exact number of blogs earlier. But now, thanks to, it’s possible to track blogs. According to a source, tracks almost 29 million today. You can search any blog in For example, you want to search a blog on web 2.0, just type, you’ll get a list of blogs on the same.

At time when blogging is getting popular, Google offers you a chance to earn money through blog by publishing AdSense. It is believed that Amit Aggrawal earns lakhs of rupees through his blog. You too can become professional blogger if you are a well content planner, and know your targeted community. The content you track should be distinctive, the sort of material that no one else could present more effectively than you. You can also use Google blog search. So study first different blogs and then customize the one for you, and for your targeted blogger groups.

Log on to, select a template, and post your articles.

Try by yourself. It’s very easy.

Create MP3 in One Minute (Be a Podcaster):

Podcasts are nothing but digital files you can download from the Web and listen to whenever and wherever you want. Free (or very inexpensive) software makes it easy for computer users to subscribe to regular podcast feeds, download them automatically, and transfer them to a portable device like an iPod for later playback.
Created by very ordinary people, podcasts use RSS technology and can also be described as audio RSS feeds. Because they are feeds, users can subscribe to podcasts and have them downloaded automatically to their computers, just as news aggregators automatically capture RSS feeds. Surely, to receive or download podcasts you do not need an iPod; you can use any MP3 player.

It’s good to be a good listener. But it’s not always good to be a listener all the time. I’ll provide you practical tips on how you can create a podcast in just one minute.


1. Have your text contents ready, and upload them to
2. Once uploaded, you’ll get options to download in txt, mp3, pdf, and doc.
3. Select MP3, and download your uploaded file.

Your podcast is ready. Try your self. It’s Simple & Easy

If you are interested in searching for podcasting content, take a look at the following specialized search engine. The one I know is Yahoo podcast search. This is an excellent and powerful search engine (still in beta) that will allow you to listen to, search for, and subscribe to the audio content distributed on the Web.

Thoughts Aside

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